About - Dirigo Public House
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the dirigo story

The word DIRIGO can be found on Maine’s state seal just below the North Star. Latin for “I lead,” Dirigo is the perfect representation of the type of space we’ve created to share our love for food, drink and community.  To us, the word Dirigo both honors the beautiful state of Maine we call home and represents the experience you are about to have – a unique beverage paired with a simple meal bursting with flavor and fresh ingredients. Let us lead you through an unforgettable dining experience with our distinct pub fare and drink, welcoming environment and love of good times. Cheers!

about the owners

There are a few simple things in life that we love: food, beer, Maine, family and good times. As two life-long Mainers and service industry professionals, we figure that many of you like those same things as well! That’s why we have worked hard to create a space that embodies each and every one of those pillars. Dirigo Public House is a place to enjoy delicious and comforting food, unique and tasty beer, wine and spirits, and a welcoming atmosphere. We’d love to meet you, so please come by Dirigo, hang out, try something new and enjoy being a part of our family and community for an evening!


We, Ben and Katie, live in Yarmouth with our amazing four year old son, Abel and two sweet beagles, Newcastle and Johnnie.